Buyer needs outlined and addressed...

Market conditions change. Experience to navigate these waters makes the difference in seizing the opportunity versus letting the opportunity pass you by. The experience that I have through all cycles of the industry gives you an advantage.

I have been successful in all phases and have sold as many homes during the "great recession" as I sell when the markets are hot. It is this sort of perseverence and dedication that makes a difference in representing your interests when buying real estate.

We are currently in a tight market. The Agent’s reputation may be the difference between if you get the house or if someone else does. My reputation for fair negotiating, efficient handling of details, and having a high close ratio adds value to your position. Seller’s and their Agents have come to find out that the highest price offer is not always the best offer… it’s the offer that closes that is the best offer. Faith in the ability to close often times comes with the Agent that is representing that Buyer.

Negotiating to create a win-win for both parties typically will yield you the best results. Potentially saving you thousands is the overall goal.

It is through years of building this reputation that Sellers know that I almost always have Buyers actively looking. Property owners considering selling often call me early on... before they go on the market. As a Buying Client looking to buy, I often know of properties soon to become available but not available “yet.” Often times I am able to show you a property before the property goes on the market. This is yet another example of where my experience and reputation gives you the Buyer... an advantage.

My commitment to you:

1. Buyer Counseling Session: Determination of your goals and needs.

2. Buyer Agency Information: Discussion of Agency alternatives.

3. Buyer Representation Agreement: Discussion of the benefits to you.

4. Home Buyer Guidebook: A guidebook to help you through the process.

5. Financing/Pre-Qualification: Pre-approval strengthens your position.

6. Consulting Services: Assistant with all your homeowner needs.

7. Property Showing: Search and show you the properties that meet your criteria.

8. Property Evaluation: Discussion of the positives and negatives. 

9. Property Disclosure: Review of the Property Disclosure to discover all material defects known to us.

10. Review of Written Seller Disclosure: Does the property meet your requirements? 

11. Home Warranty: A Home Warranty is available on all properties for your protection.

12. Building Inspections: We recommend you obtain professional Home Inspections.

13. Estimate of Funds Required: We will put you together with a mortgage professional that can establish the financial requirements of your transaction.

14. Offer Preparation: We will prepare an offer on YOUR terms looking after YOUR interest, approved by you.

15. Building Inspection Remedies.

16. Negotiation Strategy: Market knowledge will help you in your negotiation strategy, achieving your goals.

17. Offer Presentation: We will make your case as strong as possible and make sure it gets directly with the Seller.

18. Closing the Sale: Making sure all terms are met throughout the escrow process and removal of all conditions and contingencies.

One promise that I make to all my clients is that I will always look after your interest first. I do not advise based on any other premise. This seems simple enough until you have worked with someone that does not.


Here is a sample of what my past Client’s have had to say:

"I was amazed at her attention to detail. She knew the difficulties that would come my way and gave me a 'heads up' before the situation arose... she prepared me before it happened…something only an experienced professional could do." C.S.

" Her market knowledge proved invaluable! We wanted to buy in an area that had little or no inventory. Doris was able to find someone that was considering selling... and got us into the house before it actually went on the market. This house is now our home!" W.M

" the course of transacting five home purchases and four home sales in the last nine years, due to company relocations, we have worked with a number of real estate agents. The service and attention that we received from Doris was remarkable!" B.B.

"It was a pleasure working with Doris from beginning to end and we’ll be calling Doris again… thank you for such a positive experience!" L.B.


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