Doris Ong Real Estate Home

Seller needs outlined and addressed...



1/3 of my job is performed prior to going on the market. The focal point of expertise is to transform your home into an enviable product that Buyers want and will want to pay top dollar for. Upon that transformation, to properly photograph and market the property to present the home in its best light digitally, in print and in real life! If done properly, value is created the day it goes on the market.

Services provided:
CREATIVE: Property upgrade/repair strategy, staging and design, HDR photography, illustration, photoshop, and marketing layout and design tailored to capture the feel of your property. Never a corporate template.

TECHNICAL: Market knowledge, trend analysis, construction knowledge, pricing of materials and labor in relation to potential yield under current market conditions.



The second third of my job starts the day the property goes "LIVE" on the market. From day 1, meticulous planning is imperative to make the best first impression possible. And then to maintain that impression until it is sold. Planning in segments of time to anticipate market response, not to reacte after the fact. Targeted mailing, web exposure, social media, open house venues and more! Understanding the nuances of the market and its response affects your bottom line.

Services provided:
CREATIVE: Event planning, multi-channel distribution, and savvy marketing skill.
TECHNICAL: Experience, market knowledge, trend analysis, analytics knowledge, networking relationships amongst Agent peers, knowledge and feel of current market conditions.



The final third of the value is delivered when we are under contract until closing. Wether it is a heated market with multiple offers or a depressed market that favors the Buyer, I have truly been there and done that! The marketplace is constantly in flux and you need to know where you stand to properly evaluate data points that will enable you to make critical decisions that are market dependent.

Decisions include pricing as a cohesive plan that was put in place from the beginning to inspection, financing, and terms to closing. The inspection phase is the most stressful part of the transaction. Understanding and anticipating this process can be the difference between mutual acceptance and staying on the market.

Services provided:
INSIGHT. Developed over years of living, eating, and breathing Real Estate. 20+years of cumulative experience is put to work for you. I have honed my negotiation skills to be highly effective and in tune to varying circumstances and situations. I will take all factors into consideration to keep you focused on the big picture so that you understand each negotiation point and its affect on your desired outcome.



Timeline of contingencies, conditions met, not met, what to do if not...
Appraisal did not come in at the needed amount, what are the options to salvage the transaction?
Inspection item surprise... what are your options?

Services provided:
I will help you navigate the waters... including inspection items, appraisal issues, contingency issues, and more.

One promise that I make to all my clients is that I will always look after your interest first. I do not advise based on any other premise. This seems simple enough until you have worked with someone that does not.


Here is a sample of what my past Client’s have had to say:

"I was amazed at her attention to detail. She knew the difficulties that would come my way and gave me a 'heads up' before the situation arose... she prepared me before it happened…something only an experienced professional could do." C.S.

" Her market knowledge proved invaluable! We wanted to buy in an area that had little or no inventory. Doris was able to find someone that was considering selling... and got us into the house before it actually went on the market. This house is now our home!" W.M

" the course of transacting five home purchases and four home sales in the last nine years, due to company relocations, we have worked with a number of real estate agents. The service and attention that we received from Doris was remarkable!" B.B.

"It was a pleasure working with Doris from beginning to end and we’ll be calling Doris again… thank you for such a positive experience!" L.B.