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Real Estate has been a way of life for me since the mid-80's. My husband was a broker and my mother in law and I were agents... living in Hawaii. The 80's market in Hawaii was a crazy time. Large infusions of foreign capital sent the market skyrocketing. We worked with both local clientele and foreign investors and successfully navigated the intricacies of cultural differences to become highly respected in a dynamic community. Successfully consolidating a large block of parcels in Waikiki, we learned early on that there can be markets within markets. Many parallels exist in todays market here in the Northwest. This represents incredible challenges and opportunities!

Relocating to the Northwest, I adapted quickly to the dynamics of the Seattle area and defined my market in Seattle and King County's East Side. With over 15 years as an Eastside specialist, I have made it a point to develop an in-depth skill-set and have coupled this with a strong work ethic to truly set myself apart.

Clients have ranged from CEO's of major corporate entities to neighbors that I was truly sad to see move! Experience has taught me to be intuitive, to openly communicate, to negotiate effectively, and to market with defined targets utilizing all possible channels. Above all else, I promise to address you and your needs first.

Five Star Award-Seattle Magazine (consecutively 2007 through 2014)
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